Two Kingdoms in Contrast

“A quarter of a century has passed since the once-powerful nation of Israel divided into two kingdoms.  Judah, blessed with two good leaders in Asa and his son Jehoshaphat, will remain largely faithful to God.  Both men will bring about reforms in Judah and reinstate appreciation for the law.

In Israel, by contrast, none of the next seven kings will bring moral enlightenment to an idolatrous nation, and civil war will continue to divide God’s people.  It is a sober reminder that God’s people will, through the ages, face division and strife when they forsake their God.”

Read: 1 Kings 15:8-34, 2 Chronicles 14, 1 Kings 14:19-20, 2 Chronicles 13:20, 2 Chronicles 15, 2 Chronicles 16, 1 Kings 16, 1 Kings 22:41-44 & 46-47, 2 Chronicles 17

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.