“Why have you stopped writing?” 

I get that question a lot. And the answer? Because of responses like this.
No matter what I say, it seems, I make someone mad. 

I am so afraid to offend someone. I don’t want to write, or talk, or tell anyone what I’m thinking because if in my response I turn even one person away from Christ – I couldn’t bear it.

But how human I am and very prone to lashing out when my feelings are hurt – which is in direct opposition of what Christ’s response would be. 

Sadly, I’m sure I’ve pointed more than one away from Christ’s loving arms instead of into them. And this morning I was spanked, yet again, by an amazingly patient God – who continues to show me how off the mark I am. 

Still in Philippians this morning, He sent me to chapter 2 verse 21. #philippians2 #sworddrill #ispygod

Oh Lord, please help me to control my tongue; to stop focusing on my own wants and serve You by putting others first.🙏 #iamthird