2012 Jackson familyGod is allowing me, after 2 years of full time work, to finally stay home again with my family and write His stories full time!  Oh, I praise Him for how He works!!

I am the proud, and ashamedly ill-tempered, mom of four super-awesome kids; Sami, Sydney, Hunter & TJ, and a loving-yet-very-sinful-and-selfish wife of one wonderfully amazing husband, Jax.

I came to know Christ in 1995 after God placed Jax and his friends in my life.  They lived out loud for God and I had never experienced that sort of un-ashamed, un-apologetic, and Christ-centered living before and I was drawn to it!!  Not to mention Jax was super cute, so I wanted to be part of that too!!

One night Jax asked me a question that changed my life:

“If you got hit by a Mack truck and died tonight, where would you go?”

Talk about a mood-killer!

I answered: “Heaven I hope,” but it was his response that took my breath away:

“I am 100% sure that I will go to Heaven when I die,”  he said with absolute certainty.

I had never heard that before. I had been taught that as long as you believed God was real, that Jesus died on the cross, and you were a good person, hopefully that was good enough…but it was I-hope-so faith.

“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.”   1 John 5:13

I am sorry to say that it was not that night when I gave my life to Christ…but it was the night that God allowed me to see things differently.  I still had lots of questions.  I couldn’t understand why God cared for me…  Who Am I?!!  Such a little, unimportant person when there are billions of waaaay more important people in the world…

Then it was explained:

“You know how your Mom & Dad would do anything for you?  They love you so much that they would even be willing to lay down their own life to die for you?

That’s what Jesus did.”


Jesus is amazing.  He is what you are searching for.  He is what will fill you with true peace, joy and comfort.  He is calling… now is the time…

If you got hit by a Mack truck and died today… where would You go?

Please don’t wait another day!