“Follow Me.”

That’s all Jesus asks. Most Believers I know – if Jesus approached us, as He did the rich man in Mark 10:17, we would jump at the chance.


“BOOM💥Let’s do this thing!”


But would I really? 

Jesus knew this guy’s heart. Knew what he loved and asked him to give it – all his possessions – to follow Him…and the guy couldn’t. Couldn’t? Or wouldn’t?!

I balk at him! “Dude! Just sell your stuff already! How hard is that? All you need is Jesus!”

But isn’t Jesus asking me to do the same thing?

“Follow Me” He says. 

“Give up bread…”


Oh Lord, please help me to deny myself. To give up the god of my belly, pick up my cross and follow You.🙏

#ispygod #mark10 #sacrifice