Wrath of God Against Evil

“Striking similarity exists between the trumpets which are about to be blown and the ten plagues brought against Egypt.  Hail and fire, water turned to blood, periods of darkness, and the appearance of locusts all seem to complete the parallel.  The sixth trumpet will bring death among mankind, just as in the Passover, when death came to the firstborn of each Egyptian family.”

Read:  Revelation 8:7-13, 9, 10, 11:1-14

Righteousness of God Seen in Coming of Christ

“With the blowing of the seventh trumpet comes the announcement of the kingdom of God through Christ.  This was the good news of the Gospel writers — that Jesus, the Word who had become flesh, had come into the world to establish his kingdom.  The signs of his coming are seen by John as being the opening of the temple, accompanied by earthquakes and various celestial disturbances.”

Read:  Revelation 11:25-19

Opposition to Christ’s Church

“John now sees God’s people as a star-crowned woman whose son, Christ, rules all nations.  Rising in opposition to the woman is Satan himself, who wages war against God’s people in two ways, Satan is first seen as a dragon, which seems to represent political oppression, and then as a beast coming out of the sea to make war against God’s people, which may represent religious persecution.”

Read:  Revelation 12 & 13

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.