Instructions for the Tabernacle

“God gives Moses lengthy instructions for the design and construction of a place of worship called a tabernacle, or a tent of meeting.  The tabernacle will be filled with God’s holy presence and will contain an altar to be presided over by priests, with the assistance from men of the tribe of Levi.

Of particular importance will be various items kept within the tabernacle, including an ark which eventually will contain Aaron’s rod, a pot of manna, and two tablets of the law. 

A special part of the tabernacle is to be called the “Most Holy Place,” and only the high priest will enter it, once each year, to seek atonement for the people’s sins.

The details of the blueprints given to Moses, as well as the descriptions of priestly garments, not only arouse one’s fascination but also suggest that no detail of man’s worship of God is too small for God’s concern.”

Read Exodus chapters 25, 26, 27, 28

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.