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Abraham’s Ultimate Test of Faith

“Like many men and women of great faith who must face difficult trials, Abraham is about to face the severest test of all — and it will be Isaac’s life which is on the line.  Is it possible that, since Isaac’s birth, Abraham’s confidence now rests in Isaac rather than in God’s promises?  God poses the challenge by calling upon Abraham to offer up Isaac as a sacrifice!”

Read Genesis 22:1-19

News Regarding Nahor’s Family

“Abraham receives word regarding his brother Nahor.  The historical significance of Nahor’s family record is found in Nahor’s youngest son, Bethuel, and more importantly in Bethuel’s daughter, Rebekah.”

Read Genesis 22:20-24

Sarah’s Death and Burial

“Sarah, who has the distinction of being the only woman in all of Scripture whose age is mentioned, has reached 127.  That Scripture would pause to take note of Abraham’s mourning over the loss of his beloved companion is a touching memorial to this woman of faith.

The significance of the transaction between Abraham and Ephron, may be further evidence of Abraham’s faith that God will one day give this land to Abraham’s descendants.  It is as if Abraham wants to guarantee that, even in death, he and Sarah will be a part of this promised land.”

Read Genesis 23

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible

God’s Covenant with Abram

“With the passing of time Abram begins to be concerned that he and Sarai still have no children.  When God restates his earlier promise that Abram’s descendants would inherit the land, Abram asks God for a sign that his promise is true.  God graciously overlooks Abram’s insecurity and instructs Abram to prepare for a covenant after the manner in which agreements are commonly sealed during this time. 

Perhaps the most significant statement at this point in the record of Abram is the fact that, when God promises Abram children, Abram believes God.  As will soon be evident, Abram is still not so sure that children will come through himself and Sarai, but never again will he fail to trust that by God’s power he will somehow have offspring.”

Read Genesis 15

Birth of Ishmael Through Hagar

“Almost 10 years have passed since God renewed his promise that Abram would have children.  Although both Abram and Sarai continue to believe that it will happen, Sarai apparently begins to wonder if the promise specifically includes her as the mother of Abram’s offspring. 

With Hagar’s pregnancy, however, it soon becomes clear that the plan is fraught with problems.  (It is noteworthy that in centuries to follow there will be conflict in the Middle East between the Arabs, who descend from Ishmael and the Jews, who are descendants from Ishmael’s stepbrother, a son soon to be born.)”

Read Genesis 16

Names and Circumcision as Signs of Covenant

“The Genesis record is silent as to what events transpire over the next few years.  However, the door to history is once again opened some 13 years after Ishmael’s birth.  At this time God appears once again to Abram in order to restate his promises and to confirm his prior covenant with Abram.  A happy part of God’s appearance to Abraham is the surprise announcement that Sarah herself will bear the son of promise.

Two signs are given to mark the occasion.  The first involves the changing of Abram’s and Sarai’s names and a second sign; the rite of circumcision for all the males in Abraham’s household.”

Read Genesis 17

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible

“All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness”   2 Timothy 3:16

I so totally relate to many of the women in the Bible…  and not the pretty, inspiring, good traits but the ugly, selfish and prideful ones.


(Genesis 2)…allowed the devil to convince her that she’s not happy, she needs more, God is not enough… PLUS she likes the look of food so much that she can’t control herself!!  Boy, can I relate to that, just get me around some brownies…Eve

How often do I act on the evil one’s lies…focusing on that which I “can’t have” as being better than what God has already given!!  Doubting that God’s plan is best?!!

Father, give me a greater understanding of your original plan for our world.  Help me to envision its beauty so I might live with a constant awareness that you intend to restore paradise to all who belong to you.  May I surrender every sin and every sorrow to you, trusting that you will fulfill your purpose for my life.*

“For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.”   John 1:16



(Book of Ruth)… her anger & bitterness toward what has been taken away…  Oh boy, don’t get me started about my “poor me” attitude.Ruth and Naomi

How often do I focus on my troubles, my woes…how often do I ask to be called “Marah”??

Lord, thank you that Your Word promises You will restore us whether in this life or with You in eternity.  Please help me stop focusing on what has been taken and instead on Your goodness, Your promise, Your plan.

“You who have shown me many troubles and distresses Will revive me again, And will bring me up again from the depths of the earth.”   Psalm 71:20


Adulterous Woman

(John 8:3)…caught in the act of adultery but where’s the man?!! Seriously, it takes two…  Jesus calls out those condemning her, forgives her and calls for her to turn from her ways!!woman caught in adultery

How often do I re-visit old sins?  How often do I have to repent and turn back to Christ??

Lord, thank you that your forgiveness covers all sin.  Please help me make good choices; turning from my old self and living in a way that is pleasing to You.  When and if I do fall back to my old ways, please make it clear to me and remind me that only through Your sacrifice am I made new.

“knowing this, that our old self was crucified with Him, in order that our body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin”   Romans 6:6



(Genesis 17)…The Lord appears to Abraham telling him Sarah will bear a child.  Sarah, who is almost 90 years old, overhears and laughs.  Sadly I have also been known to laugh at God and think “Impossible!”old woman laughing

How often do I question God’s timing and doubt His plan for me? 

Father, thank you for loving me despite the fact that my soul still contains shadows that sometimes block the light of your Spirit.  As I grow older, may I trust you more completely for the dreams you’ve implanted in my soul, the promises you’ve made to me.  Like Sarah, may I be surrounded by laughter at the wonderful way you accomplish your purpose despite my weakness.*

“I wait for the LORD, my soul does wait, And in His word do I hope.”   Psalm 130:5


Lot’s Wife

(Genesis 19)… her family is spared from the judgment and destruction that falls upon the sinful city of Sodom.  As they flee, they are told “Do not look back, do not stop…” but Lot’s wife can’t help herself.
(Has anyone else wondered about the location of the Dead Sea?  Mmmm-hmmm, interesting.)Lot's wife looked back

How often do I look back with longing of what used to be instead of running toward the forgiveness and promises laid before me?

Lord, you call me to live in the world without embracing the ways of the world.  Help me to live in a way that preserves my freedom to follow you wherever and however you lead.  If I should leave behind a monument, may it be a reminder to others of faith and not foolishness.*

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”   John 14:27


So often people think the old testament and the Bible as a whole, for that matter, is full of stories that don’t relate to our world and our lives today.  But as I read through it and see myself so clearly in so many of these stories, I am reminded and comforted that God will use such selfish messes like me for His good and to fulfill His work here on earth.

Praise Him for creating us, loving us and using us!


*prayers taken from Women of the Bible Devotional

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