The Revelation to John

“One of the most unique and intriguing writings of all Scripture comes as a fitting conclusion to God’s revelation to man.  It is a writing reminiscent of the recorded visions of Ezekiel and Daniel.  Its true Author by revelation is Jesus Christ, and the apostle John simply acts as scribe.  On a particular Lord’s day, as John relates the experience, he receives through an angel a revelation from the Spirit of God in which he is directed to write what he sees and to send it to seven churches in Asia.

What John sees and records sis a prophecy, both strange and moving, in which Christ as sovereign Lord engages in battle with the forces of evil and is clearly the Victor.  The account is couched in figurative language, supernatural imagery, and verbal and numerical symbolism that is not easy to fully comprehend.  Yet it stirs an excitement about the future for all Christians and gives hope that present sufferings will be lost in a victory so wonderful that the mind of man can only begin to grasp it.”

Read:  Revelation 1, 2 & 3

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.