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Triumph of Christ and His Church

“As John nears the end of his vision, he sees the wedding of Jesus, the Lamb, and his bride, the church.  There is joy and honor bin being invited as a guest to the wedding supper.  yet even in this blissful scene looms the grim reminder of the destruction which awaits those who have been unrighteous.  As the father of all unrighteousness, Satan is finally and totally destroyed.  It is therefore clear that Christ and his saints will ultimately triumph over both Satan and his evil power.  That knowledge should be more than sufficient to comfort and encourage every believer in his ho9pe for the future.”

Read:  Revelation 19:6-21, 20, 21:1-8

Glory and Grandeur of Heaven

“God gives John a vision of what heaven will be like.  It is pictured as a Holy City, having a river flowing through it with a tree of live on either side.  The cares and sorrows of this life will not be known in heaven, and great joy will abound.  This vision of a new heaven and a new earth provides an exciting conclusion to a book whose opening lines told of the majesty of God’s first creation.”

Read:  Revelation 21:9-27 & 22

“So ends the revelation to John and the last of Holy Scripture.  In the teachings of Jesus there is abundant life; in the example of his divine Person there is love; and in the power of his resurrection there is hope.”

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.

Hope of the Faithful

“Throughout their epistles, Paul and the other inspired writers had continually reminded their readers of the glorious hope for those who would remain steadfast in their faith despite whatever pressures might tempt them to abandon it.  The messages now brought by three angels are strikingly similar in their appeal.”

Read:  Revelation 14:1-13

Judgment Against Unrighteous

“At this point John envisions God’s ultimate judgment on mankind.  The scene he describes is a harvest of the earth, upon which God’s wrath is imposed.  With the pouring out of seven terrifying bowls comes a sense of finality  God’s righteousness and holiness are manifested through a cleansing of sin from the world.”

Read:  Revelation 14:14-20, 15, 16

Special Judgment upon Babylon

“In the images of a drunken prostitute and an incredible scarlet beast, John sees the vision of what appears to be a special judgment of God.  Whatever might be the true identification of this ‘Babylon,’ its destruction is accompanied by terrible lament.”

Read:  Revelation 17, 18 & 19:1-5

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.
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