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Ministry from Galilee to Judea

“Jesus returns to Capernaum after the Festival of Dedication, for the final two months of his Galilean ministry.  He not only feels growing opposition from the people there who want a political leader, but also knows that it is nearing the time for him to be delivered up.  From this time forward, Jesus resolutely faces his final suffering.  

Initial excitement among the masses is followed by doubt and even hostility as Jesus refuses to accept the role that most people want him to play.  In a way it is characteristic of the turnabout which inevitably comes when people accept Jesus into their lives for any number of wrong reasons: the excitement can give way to disappointment.”

Read:  Matthew 19:1-2, Mark 10:1, Luke 9:51-56, Luke 17:11-19, Matthew 11:20-30, Luke 10, Luke 11:1-13

In Jerusalem for Festival of Dedication

“Jesus is in Jerusalem in December during the eight-day Festival of Dedication, known more modernly as Hanukkah.  Faithful Jews are gathering in Jerusalem in order to celebrate the rededication of the temple, and Jesus takes this opportunity to reach out to the large number of people present.

When various Jewish leaders ask Jesus whether he is the Christ, he reminds them of his miraculous works as proof of his deity.  he then says that he and the Father are one, thereby infuriating the Jews, who see this as rank blasphemy.  They take up rocks to stone Jesus and try to have him arrested, but Jesus escapes.”

Read:  John 10:22-42

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.

Sending Out Apostles

“After his second rejection in his hometown of Nazareth, Jesus gains renewed encouragement as he is met by crowds in other parts of Galilee.  Jesus calls for those who are willing to work among the multitudes for the sake of his kingdom.  The time is especially appropriate, then, for sending out the 12 apostles on a special mission of teaching and performing miracles with the power he gives them.  He warns them that they, like all who would work in the Lord’s name, will be persecuted and will face the need for sacrifice.

Interestingly, Jesus does not appear to place particular emphasis on organization, methods of evangelism, or academic religious training.  The 12 apostles are mostly of simple education, but the power of Christ is with them.”

Read:  Matthew 9:35-38, Mark 6:6-33, Matthew 10, Luke 9:1-11, Matthew 11:1, Matthew 14:1-13, John 6:1

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.

The Ministry Continues

“Such perceptive and authoritative teaching has obviously won the attention of the multitudes, who have long been disillusioned by the empty ritualism and superficiality of their present religious system.  As Jesus’ fame continues to spread, John the Baptist sends a message to Jesus asking for final confirmation of his messiahship.   Jesus sends a message of reassurance and praises John for his courage and dedication as a servant of God.

No doubt by this time the religious leaders are also becoming increasingly aware of Jesus[‘ extraordinary power.  Instead of accepting it as divine, they accuse Jesus of having power from Satan.”

Read:  Matthew 8:5-13, Luke 7, Matthew 11:2-19, Luke 8:1-3;19-21, Matthew 12:22-50, Mark 3:20-35, Luke 11:14-36

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.
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