Jesus’ Resurrection and Appearances

“The importance of Jesus’ death is surpassed only by the good news of his resurrection!  Jesus has prophesied that he will live again, and therefore his credibility is in jeopardy if he is now unable to demonstrate power over his own death.

The events which follow are nothing short of marvelous.  They not only confirm Jesus’ credibility but also provide for believers the assurance of life after death.  The drama of Jesus’ reappearance unfolds with initial fear, amazement, and outright disbelief on the part of the disciples, but thereafter turns to both belief and joyous celebration.  His reappearance is not merely an apparition from the spirit world.  Jesus eats in their presence and invites them to touch the wounds where his hands were nailed to the cross.

The Gospel writers begin their accounts of the resurrection as the stone sealing the tomb is rolled away.”

Read:  Matthew 28:1-15, Mark 16:1-14, Luke 24:1-44, John 20:1-29, John 21:1-24

Final Instructions and Ascension

“Jesus’ gives his 11 apostles the special mission of evangelizing the world, a task to be accomplished through their personal testimonies regarding Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.  The time is soon to come when filled with God’s Holy Spirit, each will stand strong in his faith and become a vibrant force in changing the hearts of men and women throughout the world.

Later Jesus gives them their final instructions, promises them the Holy Spirit, and then in caught up into heaven as two angels stand by to comfort the apostles with the grand promise of his second coming.”

Read:  Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:15-20, Luke 24:45-53, Acts 1:6-26

Conclusion to the Gospel Accounts

“John’s account includes this statement as to his purpose in recording the events of Jesus’ ministry and concludes his account by indication that he and the other Gospel writers had been able to capture in written words only a small fraction of all the miracles, healings, praying, and preaching that Jesus did while on this earth.”

Read:  John 20:30-31, John 21:25

“Even with only these four brief accounts of his life, the story of Jesus has been preserved throughout the centuries for every generation, translated into major languages throughout the earth, and believed by countless millions who have responded in obedient faith to God through his Son, Jesus the Christ.”

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.