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“The Sabbath has been honored mostly in the breach for many years, and God now wants it to be observed.  Beyond being a requirement of the law, the Sabbath is symbolic of God’s covenant with Israel, and its observance takes on added significance at a time when the covenant relationship has been so shattered.”

Read:  Jeremiah 17:19-27

“Repeatedly God has likened his relationship with man to a potter’s relationship with his clay.  As the potter has power over his clay, so God as the Creator of the universe has unlimited power over men and nations, and the right to rule them as he sees fit.”

Read:  Jeremiah 18:1-17

“Once again Jeremiah learns of a plot against him, but this plot seems to e more of a counter campaign than a threat to his physical life.  Even so, Jeremiah is incensed and cries out for punishment of his detractors.  The weeping prophet has now become the angry prophet.”

Read:  Jeremiah 18:18-23

“Angry and impatient as he may be, Jeremiah nevertheless continues to take God’s message to the people.”

Read:  Jeremiah 19:1-13

“Jeremiah has been prophesying for some time now during the reign of Josiah, and although he has angered the religious establishment, no official action or physical harm has been brought against him.  But his fortune on both counts is about to change, and when it does Jeremiah will once again expose the inner pain that his outer suffering brings.  And yet a new sense of trust in God is revealed: There is actually praise for the one who has gotten Jeremiah into all this trouble.”

Read:  Jeremiah 19:14-15, 20:1-13

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.

“God’s response is that the nation is condemned for its corporate sins.  Judgment against the nation of Judah has been accruing for many years, particularly since Manasseh reintroduced idolatry.  Moreover, God knows that many people who have sincerely turned to him for a time will later backslide and turn away.  God’s compassion at this time in history is cautious.

Because of this, Jeremiah finds it necessary not only to rebuke the wicked but also to tell believers that even their prayers may not be answered positively.  Jeremiah is obviously exasperated by the weight of it all.”

Read:  Jeremiah 15:10-21

“At the very time he is most discouraged, Jeremiah is instructed that more sacrifice is in store.  He is not to marry, attend funerals, or join in festive celebrations.”

Read:  Jeremiah 16

“To Jeremiah’s credit, he rises to the 0occasion and subordinates his personal feelings.  Of course, Jeremiah’s persevering character was known to God, and that may be why God called him to this demanding ministry.  So it is that Jeremiah resumes his ministry and brings God’s message to his people.”

Read:  Jeremiah 17:1-11

“How often Jeremiah longs for his mission to conclude!  The cynics and scoffers mock him by asking when all this wrath is going to happen.  It is probably such taunting that prompts the following prayer form Jeremiah.”

Read:  Jeremiah 17:12-18

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.
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