Jeremiah the Weeping Prophet

“An example of how God calls his prophets, and how they sometimes respond only with great reluctance, is seen in the call of Jeremiah.  God appeals to Jeremiah through two visions.  The first is a branch of an almond tree by which God explains that he is ‘watching’ the execution of his purpose on earth.  The second vision is of a boiling pot, in which God reveals the invasion by Babylon.  God tells Jeremiah that his mission is to be one of rebuke and judgment on one hand and encouragement on the other.  Finally, God promises to be with Jeremiah through the many personal trials he will face.”

Read:  Jeremiah 1

Jeremiah Rebukes an Unfaithful Nation

“It does not take long for Jeremiah to get to the point.  Characterizing Israel as an unfaithful bride, Jeremiah brings God’s judgment against the people for their lust for foreign gods and calls them to repentance.”

Read:  Jeremiah 2, 3:1-5

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.