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Jacob’s and Joseph’s Last Days

“Nearing death, Israel is anxious to pronounce final blessings upon his sons and grandsons, and to insure his burial in the tomb where Abraham and Isaac were buried.  Israel’s death marks the end of the early patriarchs, and attention begins to focus more broadly upon the nation which bears Israel’s name.  Joseph’s death is also recorded after the third generation of Israelites is born in Egypt.”

Read Genesis 47:29-31, Genesis chapters 48, 49, 50

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible

Read Genesis 45:16-28, Genesis 46 and Genesis 47:1-28

Like yesterday, The Daily Bible doesn’t give us insight into today’s reading, but it reveals how God uses obscure and implausible ways of bringing His plans into fruition through unlikely characters just like us.

Today’s reading is a continuation of Joseph’s story and God’s ultimate plan of bringing the future nation of Israel out of a currently desolate “promised land” to a more prosperous land in Egypt, allowing future events and God’s plan to unfold properly.

As family of Joseph “ruler of all Egypt” (v. 45:26), Israel (Jacob) and all his offspring were treated exceptionally well by Pharoah who allowed them to settle “in the best of the land” (v. 47:11) and as God promised, they were becoming a “great nation” (v. 46:3) flourishing vastly.

But God offers great foreshadowing of events to come when He says to Israel (Jacob):

“I will go down with you to Egypt, and I will also surely bring you up again…”   Genesis 46:4


Joseph’s Early Years

“The Genesis record focuses upon Jacob and his descendants, for it is through the descendants of Jacob (now called Israel) that the promised blessings are to come.  Israel’s special fondness for Joseph, and perhaps Joseph’s own attitude, lead to envy and hatred by Joseph’s brothers.  Their behavior toward Joseph and toward their own father is hardly worthy of the important positions they will later occupy as the heads of the tribes which together form the nation of God’s people.”

Read Genesis 37

Judah and Tamar

“A story unfolds in Canaan involving Judah, one of Israel’s sons by Leah.  It concerns the ancient custom of estates in which the brother of a deceased man having no children marries the brother’s wife so that the brother’s lineage, and property as well, may continue through a proper line of succession.  Disgrace comes when Onan prevents any offspring from being born.  There follows a rather curious story of Tamar, who resolves to bear a child by Judah himself.

The most important aspect of this seemingly insignificant story will come to light only after many centuries have passed.  At that time it will become evident that a descendant of Judah (through Perez) will become God’s messenger to all mankind — the Messiah.”

Read Genesis 38

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible

Dinah and the Men of Shechem

“Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, becomes a central character in a story of violence turned to love, followed by treachery and revenge.”

Read Genesis 34

Jacob’s Journey Continues

“At God’s direction Jacob moves southward to Bethel, where Jacob had made a covenant with God on his way to exile in Harran.  And just as God had done with Jacob’s grandfather Abraham, God gives Jacob a new name — Israel.  It is a name by which an entire nation will be known, and it bears great significance even to the present time.”

Read Genesis 35

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible

Jacob leaves Laban

“If there is one lapse in moral character which besets early man — including God’s special people — it is dishonesty and trickery.  Fearful that Laban might not let him leave, Jacob secretly steals away with his family and flocks.  In all the dealings between Jacob and Laban, there is a reminder that God can work his will even through men and women who share in the frailties of moral character.”

Read Genesis 31

Jacob Returns to Canaan

“Apprehensive about the threat under which he has left Canaan, Jacob makes careful preparation in anticipation of encountering Esau.  While he waits in uncertainty, Jacob is found rather mysteriously wrestling with God.  Why Jacob is wrestling is not given in this account, but this physical struggle is not unlike the spiritual struggle of a person facing potential conflict or perhaps death.”

Read Genesis 32 & Genesis 33:1-20

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible

Jacob Marries and Has Children

“As he returns to his mother’s country, Jacob meets his uncle Laban and agrees to work for Laban in exchange for his daughter Rachel.  But Laban deceives Jacob, giving him his older daughter, Leah, instead of Rachel.  Ultimately Jacob gets both Rachel and Leah, but as might be expected, rivalry emerges between the two sisters, and childbearing quickly becomes the focus of their rivalry.”

Read Genesis 29 and Genesis 30:1-24

Laban and Jacob Outsmart Each Other

“When Jacob decides to return to Canaan, he agrees with Laban as to appropriate wages for his many years of service, Laban once again deceives Jacob.  Not to be outdone, Jacob devises a scheme of his own to increase the flocks which are rightfully his by their agreement.”

Read Genesis 30:25-43

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible

Trouble Between Jacob and Esau

“In several respects the differences and difficulties between Jacob and Esau are not unlike those between Cain and Abel.  Like their predecessors, Jacob and Esau are of different occupations, temperament, and moral character.  With the birthright already his, Jacob would have received the greater part of Isaac’s inheritance in any event, but despite this fact, he consents to perpetrate a fraud.  A long period of exile in future years may well be the consequent penalty for this sin against his father.”

Read Genesis 26:34-27:41

Jacob Leaves for Harran

“Isaac seems to have reconciled himself to the fact that it is Jacob through whom God’s promises to Abraham will be fulfilled, so he sends Jacob away with his blessing. 

As he begins his journey, Jacob has a dream in which God reaffirms that it will indeed be Jacob through whose descendants the promises given to Abraham will be fulfilled.  At the place where his dream occurs, Jacob makes a vow which at first appears to be a bargain with God, but which is actually a customary manner of expressing thanksgiving.”

Read Genesis 27:42-28:22

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible

Abraham Marries Keturah

“All of Abraham’s sons other than Isaac are eventually sent away, presumably to insure preeminence to Isaac and his descendants.”

Read Genesis 25:1-6

Death of Abraham

“The Genesis record closes its account of Abraham’s life with a brief account of his death and burial.  Significantly, Ishmael and Isaac bury not only their father, but also (at least temporarily) any hostility which may have come between them over the years.”

Read Genesis 25:7-10

Last Account of Ishmael

“Because the Genesis record will soon concentrate exclusively on the life of Isaac and his descendants, a last account of Ishmael and his sons is given at this point.”

Read Genesis 25:12-18

Esau and Jacob

“The remainder of the Genesis record provides an in-depth look at Isaac’s children and grandchildren.  The people whose lives are recorded exhibit both the best and worst of human nature, typifying the moral struggles which encompass the human predicament and pointing up the need for a God who can lift mankind above its own circumstances.

The scene for the next 150 years is set when Rebekah gives birth to twins and is told prophetically that these two sons will be the fathers of nations which will in time struggle with each other for dominance.”

Read Genesis 25:11, 25:19-26

“As Esau and Jacob grow into manhood, they take on individual characteristics and become especially favored: Esau, by Isaac; Jacob, by Rebekah.”

Read Genesis 25:27-28

Birthright Is Sold

“An incident having extraordinary consequences is now recorded which not only gives insight into the character of each man, but also has important implications for the further descent of the people through whom God has chosen to reveal himself.”

Read Genesis 25:29-34

“Careless, and apparently disinterested in the benefits and responsibilities attendant to the birthright, Esau unknowingly forfeits his opportunity to be the one in his generation through whom the blessings promised to his grandfather Abraham would pass.  In fact, pursuant to the prophecy given to Rebekah, in future years Esau’s descendants will indeed be subservient to the Hebrews, who will be the direct descendants of Jacob.”

Isaac Follows in Abraham’s Footsteps

As his two sons engage in fraternal conflict, Isaac himself experiences moral conflict in a series of situations which are amazingly parallel to situations experienced by his father, Abraham.  First Isaac encounters a famine and is forced to migrate to Gerar, where he lies about Rebekah exactly as Abraham lied about Sarah, and finally has similar disputes over the same wells previously dug by his father.”

Read Genesis 26:1-33

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible
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