Beginnings of Early Mankind (Creation to ca. 2100 B.C)

The Beginning

“Is it possible to imagine a time when nothing existed?  Was there a time when the universe had a beginning?  Since recorded history began, men and women of every generation, culture, and place have searched for answers.  Some say it all happened by chance, without any reason or purpose whatever.  But given what appears to be intelligent design and order throughout the universe, an origin by chance seems hard to accept.  And life without meaning seems clearly contrary to the very mind which searches for meaning.  So what are the answers?  Where did I come from, and why am I here?  How did it all begin?”

Read Genesis 1-2:4

Adam and Eve

“The Genesis account of the beginnings of all things is a revelation which ascribes creation to an all-powerful, all-knowing, and purposeful Supreme Being–a living Creator and spiritual God acting with meaningful deliberation. 

…giving a special account of the first man and woman, known as Adam and Eve.  Adam is formed first from elements of the earth, then Eve is formed from part of Adam’s own body, suggesting a wholeness and unity between man and woman.

In Eden, Adam and Eve live in a time of innocence until both are tempted by a serpent; being used on this occasion by the Devil, who will subsequently be identified as God’s adversary in the spirit realm and the great Tempter of mankind to do evil.  The effect of Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God is a new acquaintance with sin and the reality of punishment in which they, like all generations thereafter, must face the hardships and struggles which life on the earth imposes.”

Read Genesis 2:5-3:24

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible