Esther and the Festival of Purim

“When Darius dies, he is replaced by his son Xerxes I.  Xerxes does not share the tolerant policies of his father and grandfather.  It is not knows what kind of relationship Xerxes has with Israel at the outset, but it does not appear that he has any particular animosity against the Jews.

If Xerxes is the king referred to in other records as Ahasuerus, then it is during his reign that one of the most fascinating stories in all of Jewish history takes place.  It is a story of intrigue at the royal palace in Susa.  There is plot and counter plot.  There is suspense and danger, and unexpected twists of fate.  And the final undoing of the villain is delightfully ironic.  It’s a wonderful story that features a beautiful Jewish girl whose Persian name is Esther, her father-figure Mordecai, his wicked enemy Haman, and the king himself.”

Read:  Esther 1, 2, 3, 4

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All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.