Daniel’s Last Vision

“Is it just coincidence that, in the same year the temple foundation is laid and the restoration is begun in earnest, God should bring to Daniel another amazing vision of both near and future events?

The first part of Daniel’s vision calls his attention to various kings of ‘the North’ who do battle with kings of ‘the South,’ who will desecrate the temple and bring a temporary end to sacrificing.

The second part of the vision uses the character of ‘the king of the North’ as a springboard, it looks as if the vision jumps ahead to the time when a certain ‘king’ will pretentiously exalt himself.  The vision then ends on the most hopeful note of all — resurrection and an assurance that after Daniel’s death, he will rise again to receive his reward.”

Read:  Daniel 10, 11, 12

“So ends the record of Daniel’s life and marvelous encounters with the world beyond.  Challenging as his visions sometimes may be, they are invaluable in stretching one’s imagination to the time when all mysteries will be revealed.”

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.