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Challenge to Leadership

“During the next 40 years the Israelites will become bitter, quarrelsome, and openly rebellious.  After Korah leads 250 others in what amounts to a mutiny, are miraculously destroyed for their rebellion, thousands of other Israelites who stand in sympathy with them are also stricken by plague and die.  This was an assault against God’s chosen priesthood.

God declares that the priests and the Levites will have no inheritance in the promised land, but will rather be supported through the practice of tithing.”

Read Numbers 16, 17:1-13 and 18

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.

Ordination of the Priests

“Aaron and his four sons are to be ordained with special offerings and sacrifices during a week of dedication.  The Leviticus record contains the account of Moses implementing God’s instructions on this auspicious occasion.

The fact that Aaron is permitted to become high priest despite his sin in making the golden calf is testimony to the forgiving nature of God, as well as perhaps to the need for the one who will intercede on behalf of his people to be thoroughly acquainted with temptations and moral failure.”

Read Leviticus chapters 8, 9, 10

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.

The Covenant Broken and Renewed

“The Israelite’s commitment to the terms of God’s covenant was apparently more a matter of emotion than of sincere dedication, for with Moses gone up into the mountain only a month, the people ask Aaron to give them a tangible god to worship — an idol.  God’s response is one of anger, and moses must intercede on behalf of the people.  Moses’ own reaction is also one of anger, as is witnessed by his responses to this disheartening turn of events.  yet God is forgiving and, with firm repetition of his laws, he agrees to renew the covenant.”

Read Exodus 32, 33, 34:1-16 and 34:27-35

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.

Passover and the Exodus

“God makes preparation to bring his people out of their Egyptian bondage by a devastating demonstration of power in which the firstborn of all living things throughout Egypt will meet with death — all, that is, except the Israelites, whom God will spare through a plan involving the sacrifice of lambs and the use of their blood to identify those who are God’s people.

The significance of the event is nothing less than the implementation of God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  It is the deliverance of God’s people from their bondage in a heathen land, and a prelude to the establishment of the nation of Israel through which all nations will one day be blessed.”

Read Exodus 12 and Exodus 13:1-16

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.

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Plagues on the Egyptians

“The struggle between God and Pharaoh demonstrates how all men and women tend to struggle with God.  Pharaoh will first reject God altogether, then respond to the initial demonstrations of God’s power by believing in the artificial manifestations of power which human trickery can devise.  When even the tricks of his magicians cannot duplicate the plagues brought against his people and property, Pharaoh will try to avoid God through procrastination, compromise, and insincere repentance.  With each attempt at resisting God, Pharaoh’s heart gets harder, until he is unmoved by even the threat of death to his people.

As the confrontation begins, Pharaoh’s tough response and vindictive actions against the Israelites cause them to question Moses’ leadership.”

Read Exodus 5, 6:1-13, 28-30, Exodus chapters 7, 8

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible

Establishment of a Nation  (Ca. 1525-1400 B.C.)

Moses Emerges as Leader

“Some 400 years apparently pass before another scriptural account focuses back on the descendants of Israel in Egypt.  In the years covered by the Genesis record, the outstanding man of God was Abraham.  It was Abraham whose belief and trust in God’s promises made him an example of faith for all times.  As the Exodus record begins, a new spiritual leader emerges from among God’s people.  Moses, like Abraham, will be a man of faith in God and an intermediary between God and his people.

The story of Moses’ ascension to a place of leadership over the Israelites is a fascinating one in which the providential hand of God can be seen to lift Moses from his lowly birth as a Hebrew to a place of honor in the very household of the ruling Pharaoh.

During a time of exile in the land of Midian, Moses is called by God to lead the Hebrew nation out of the oppressive bondage into which they have fallen since the days of Joseph.  It is clear that Moses is reluctnt to take on the responsibility of leadership, and therefore God must demonstrate the power that will be given to Moses in order to accomplish the mission which God has assigned him.”

Read Exodus chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6:14-27

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible
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