Voyage to Rome

“The time now approaches for Paul to be sent to Rome to make his appeal to Caesar.  Paul is placed in the custody of a Roman officer named Julius, and is accompanied by Luke and Aristarchus, a brother in the Lord from Thessalonica.  What follows is Luke’s account of their almost-disastrous voyage from Caesarea to Rome.

Despite a warning from Paul that trouble awaits them, the crew sets sail and they soon find themselves in difficulty.  The ship is blown off course during a two-week storm and finally breaks apart.  By God’s grace, however, all lives are spared.  When it is once again safe to sail, the group sets out on another Egyptian ship.  The remainder of the voyage is happily uneventful, and Luke records the warm welcome which they receive from the brethren in Italy.”

Read:  Acts 27, 28:1-15

House Arrest in Rome

“As Paul arrives in Rome, it appears that he is placed under house arrest, being permitted to maintain his own living quarters while being guarded by a Roman soldier.  Paul is given the freedom to continue preaching from his place of lodging.  Characteristically, some believe Paul’s message about Jesus and the kingdom of God, while others do not, a result which Paul attributes to teh openness of mind with which a person might listen to the good news of Jesus.”

Read:  Acts 28:16-31

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.