Final Week — Tuesday Afternoon

“As the long day of confrontation and teaching comes to an end, Jesus tells his disciples that his death is only two days away.  Aware that the festival is almost upon them, the chief priests and elders are anxious to have Jesus killed before that time.  Even as they plot how to snare Jesus, they are approached by Judas Iscariot, one of Christ’s chosen disciples.

Judas has decided to betray Jesus, and has therefore come to bargain with the members of the council.  The amount agreed to is 30 pieces of silver (which at this time is the approximate price of a slave).  Judas is apparently both covetous and dishonest — this despite the fact that he has been acting as a kind of treasurer for the disciples.”

Read:  Matthew 26:1-5;14-16, Mark 14:1-2;10-11, Luke 22:1-6

Final Week — Wednesday

“There is strong evidence that the last supper takes place on the evening prior to the Day of Preparation, which by modern reckoning would be Wednesday night.  Proceeding upon that assumption, the events associates with this final Wednesday include not only Jesus’ last public teaching, but also the account of Peter and John finding the upper room and making preparations for the Passover celebration.”

Read:  Luke 21:37-38, John 12:37-50, Matthew 26:17-19, Mark 14:12-16, Luke 22:7-13

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.