Final Week — Tuesday Morning

“Tuesday comes as a day of great confrontation with the religious leaders assembled in Jerusalem.  By way of parables, Jesus points out that the leaders’ predecessors have always rejected God’s messengers and that now they themselves are rejecting even the Son of God.  This obviously angers the Pharisees, and they attempt to trap Jesus into making some statement by which they can have him arrested.

The Pharisees are then joined in their questioning by the Sadducees.  Although the Sadducees often clash politically and religiously with the Pharisees, the Sadducees are equally threatened by Jesus’ teaching.  So they are willing to join with the Pharisees to rid themselves of this Galilean troublemaker.

When a Pharisee questions Jesus concerning the greatest commandment, he delivers a response that goes to the heart of his message and ministry.  Observing a widow contributing all that she has — although it was only two small goings — Jesus points to her as an example of true spirituality.”

Read:  Matthew 21:20-46, Mark 11:20-33, Luke 20, Mark 12, Matthew 22, Matthew 23, Luke 21:1-4

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.