Preparation of Apostles for the End

“Jesus prepares his chosen disciples for his death and to strengthen their ministry in carrying on his work.  At this point in Jesus’ ministry the apostles are truly convinced that Jesus is the Messiah, but apparently they too have notions of a political Messiah.  Jesus begins to tell the apostles about his death, as well as the burdens which they themselves will face.

The highlight of this period of preparation comes when Jesus takes Peter, James, and John to Mount Hermon.  There Jesus is transfigured.  In what is evidently more than a mere vision, Moses and Elijah appear with Jesus as representatives of the law and the prophets.

Even with this demonstration to the inner three, and despite Jesus’ warning about humility in the use of their miraculous power, it is not long before all the disciples begin to dispute among themselves as to who among them is the greatest.  Jesus sets a young child before them as an example of humility and teaches them about temptation, discipline, and forgiveness.”

Read:  Matthew 16:13-28, Mark 8:27-38, Luke 9:18-50, Mark 9, Matthew 17, Luke 17:1-10, Matthew 18:2-25

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.