The Rise of Opposition

“By indicating that he has the divine authority to forgive sins, Jesus naturally arouses immediate reaction from the Scribes and Pharisees.  Since they correctly believe that only God can forgive sins, they reject the possibility that Jesus himself is divine and conclude instead that he is guilty of blasphemy.

In addition to the written law given through Moses, the Pharisees accept as equally binding the oral traditions of the rabbis, which traditions have evolved into a highly ritualistic set of religious observances.  So when Jesus and his disciples violate some of these traditional rules, the Pharisees are highly offended.

Despite growing opposition, Jesus continues to go about teaching and performing miracles, yet almost consciously without fanfare.  As if to underscore the urgency of his mission in the face of opposition, Jesus appoints 12 of his disciples as specially chosen apostles to aid him in his ministry.  With their added support, Jesus continues to attract even greater crowds from among the common people.”

Read:  Matthew 9:9-17, Mark 2:13-28, Luke 5:27-39, John 5:1-3 & 5-47, Matthew 12:1-21, Luke 6:1-19, Mark 3:1-19

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.