Visit of the Magi and Flight into Egypt

“Despite lowly beginnings, news of Jesus’ birth spreads quickly throughout Judea and even beyond its borders.  Matthew records the account of a visit to Bethlehem by certain philosopher-priests, or Magi, who are prompted to travel the great distance to Jerusalem because of a star which appeared at the time of Jesus’ birth.  Joseph and Mary find accommodations in a house and it is in this house that the Magi’s gifts are offered to the newborn ‘King of the Jews’.

King Herod is alarmed by the Magi’s visit because he believes Jesus’ birth poses a political threat to his reign.  Because of this, Herod sends his soldiers to Bethlehem to kill all male children who might have been born within the time frame suggested by the Magi’s calculations.

As will be seen, however, Joseph will be warned about the slaughter and will quickly depart for Egypt, where he and Mary and the child Jesus will stay until after Herod’s own death.”

Read:  Matthew 2:1-18

From Infancy to Manhood

“After their brief stay in Egypt, Joseph and Mary return to their home in Nazareth of Galilee, where Joseph resumes his trade as a carpenter.  At the age of 12, Jesus is taken to Jerusalem for the Passover celebration.  He has reached the point at which a Jewish boy is soon to become a ‘son of the law,’ which law he is expected to learn and obey.  But Jesus’ understanding of the law is far greater than that of other boys his age.  After the Passover celebration is completed, Jesus’ parents lose track of his whereabouts until they discover him in profound conversations with the learned rabbis.”

Read:  Matthew 2:19-23, Luke 2:39-52

“Little more is known of Jesus’ first 30 years.  It is known that Jesus has at least four brothers — James, Joses, Judas (Jude), and Simon — and also some sisters, who are not named.  Because there is no further reference to Joseph, it appears that he probably died while Jesus was still a relatively young man.  For many years, then, Jesus evidently has provided for his family by working as a carpenter, having learned the trade from his father.

Now at about the age of 30 — the Jewish age of spiritual leadership — Jesus turns from the work of supporting his earthly family to the task of spiritually feeding the whole family of man.”

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.