The Genealogies of Jesus

“Matthew’s account has no formal introduction, but rather begins with a genealogy tracing the descent of Jesus from his ancestor, Abraham, through the royal lineage of David the King.  The genealogy is traced through Jesus’ legal father, Joseph, as the husband of the virgin Mary, to whom Jesus was born.

Matthew’s genealogy contains several happy surprises.  Back in Jesus’ early roots are not only such notable righteous men as Abraham and David, but also several who stand out in history as being particularly unrighteous, including wicked King Manasseh.  Not only are there Jews as would be expected, but also Gentiles.  Also somewhat surprising, in view of their social status at this time, is the listing of women, and at least two of the women are known best for sins which they had committed.”

Read:  Matthew 1:1-17

“Luke also provides a genealogy of Jesus, but his account traces the lineage directly through Jesus’ mother, Mary.  This explains the difference in ancestors.  Luke’s genealogy also goes beyond Abraham, all the way back through Noah, Enoch, Seth, and Adam to God himself, who created the human race.”

Read:  Luke 3:23-38

“Perhaps the most significant aspect of these genealogies is the connection between Jesus and his ancestor, King David.  The prophets of old had repeatedly foretold that the Messiah would be of the house of David, and a branch of Jesse, David’s father.  Therefore, from the Jews’ perspective, Jesus is of the royal lineage and worthy to be King of Israel.”

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.