Writings of the Apocrypha

“The historical record of the Old Testament, as presently divided, is composed of 39 separate writings.  In the presentation thus far, the contents of these various writings have been integrated into one continuous narrative — arranged, to the degree possible, in the chronological order of their occurrence.  The events span the period from creation to approximately 425 B.C.  Not until approximately 5 B.C. will any further events be recorded in any scriptural writings.  These accounts will be contained in the New Testament, which is itself a collection of 27 different writings.

Over the next four to six centuries, many other historical and religious documents pertaining to the Jews will be written.  Therefore it cannot be said that there are no historical records of the Jews arising out of this period.  When it is said that the historical record of Scripture lies silent during this time, emphasis is being placed on the word Scripture. 

The so-called apocryphal or ‘hidden’ writings of this period do not meet the test of having originated from divine inspiration.  The Apocrypha are never included in the Hebrew Old Testament, and the Jews do not accept these writings as part of their approved Scriptures.”

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.