Official Records of Israel

“On several occasions Ezra is referred to as a scribe.  Consistent with that role, it is thought that he is one of several scribes who may have compiled chronicles of Israel’s history.  Undoubtedly, a man of God such as Ezra would be particularly concerned that future generations be made aware of Israel’s unique status as a chosen nation through which God has revealed himself to the whole world.

An important part of any nation’s history is the preservation of national archives.  Genealogical records are particularly vital to the division and ownership of property, to marriages and inheritance, to right of office, and to royal privilege.  Perhaps one of the most important reasons for the genealogies will not be fully appreciated until the Messiah is born.  At that time one of the many proofs of his messiahship will be that he is of the lineage of King David and the house of Judah, just as the prophets have foretold.

Included in the records are the following: genealogies from Adam to Noah to Abraham and Isaac; the descendants of Esau; and the 12 tribes descending from Jacob, with the exception of Dan and Zebulun.  Special emphasis is given to the royal tribe of Judah, the priestly line of Levi, and the Benjamite genealogy of King Saul.”

Read:  1 Chronicles 1, 2, 4:1-23, 3:10-24

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.