Nehemiah’s Religious Reforms

“Nehemiah continues to govern Israel over the next 11 years , and at the end of his term of appointment, returns to Artaxerxes in Susa.  It is not known how long Nehemiah stayed in Susa, but it was long enough for some of the people back in Palestine to forget the covenant they made when Nehemiah was with them.  Since then, they have neglected and desecrated the temple, violated the Sabbath, failed to continue temple offerings, and begun again to marry foreign wives.  When Nehemiah sees what has happened in his absence, he is furious!  Nehemiah’s fierce anger is evident in the way he calls down divine curses upon, and even physically abuses, those who have been violating the law.  Nehemiah’s personal involvement in cleansing the temple puts him in good company.  Centuries from now, the Messiah will himself angrily throw offenders out of this very same house of God.”

Read:  Nehemiah 13

Dedication of the Wall

“With these religious reforms behind him, Nehemiah can get on with his plans for dedicating the wall.  And it is only appropriate for him to have such a celebration, because it is the rebuilding of the wall for which Nehemiah will be most remembered in the centuries to come.”

Read:  Nehemiah 12

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.