Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall

“While Ezra is proceeding with the revitalization of the law in Israel, a man soon to be his closest associate is back in the Persian palace at Susa in the position of the king’s cupbearer.  That may not sound like a probably stepping-stone to political greatness, or even a very noteworthy position at all, but considering the fact that many kings have met their deaths by poisoning, being a royal cupbearer is a position of great trust.  The man who holds that position in Artaxerxes’ house is a Jew named Nehemiah.

Since Artaxerxes authorized Ezra to lead the second group of exiles back to Jerusalem, some 14 years before, the further construction of the city and its wall has been hampered by a number of problems, apparently including sabotage by those who wish to see Israel remain weak.

A report of this delay comes to Nehemiah and because it upsets him so, Artaxerxes notices his sadness and inquires as to its cause.  When Nehemiah explains his concern, Artaxerxes agrees to appoint Nehemiah as temporary governor and commissions him to go to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall.”

Read:  Nehemiah 1, 2, 3

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.