The Meaning of Restoration

“As Haggai’s mission was to construct the temple of God in Jerusalem, Zechariah’s mission is to establish the spiritual house of Israel.  It is Zechariah’s role to interpret the significance of their work and to give them reason to persevere.

God presents Zechariah with an opportunity to bring encouragement to his people, to explain the essence of true religion and thus to breathe meaning into the noble enterprise in which they are engaged.  The message is like that brought by the prophet Amos: true religion finds its expression in moral lives and social justice.”

Read:  Zechariah 7, 8

Completion of the Temple

“The work on the temple goes forward to completion in the year 516 B.C.  Just as 70 years elapsed from the first deportation to the return of the first settlers, it has been 70 years since the temple of Solomon was destroyed.  The precision with which God works in the affairs of nations stands as a wonderful witness to his power in the lives of individuals as well.”

Read:  Ezra 6:14-22

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.