Opposition to Temple’s Construction

“Work on the temple comes to a halt.  The opposition of Israel’s enemies is in part the problem, but another part is the priority given by the settlers to building their own houses and preparing the land for crops.  The record of opposition contains various correspondence between Israel’s enemies and the Persian leaders by whom the resettlement is being permitted.”

Read:  Ezra 4:6

“This Persian dominance must surely be at least the beginning of the fulfillment of the many prophecies concerning Egypt’s fall.  The historical record evidently refers to Artaxerxes in the following account of the letters.  There should be no confusion between this titular name and the better-known Artaxerxes to come 60 years later.”

Read:  Ezra 4:7-24

“No sooner has the order to stop construction been given than there is a shake-up in the Persian power structure.  When Cambyses dies, a distant relative named Darius assumes control.  Darius moves quickly to pull together his shaky kingdom and creates a code of laws to be enforced throughout his empire.  He is also receptive to a plea by the people of Israel to be permitted to continue work on the temple.”

Read:  Ezra 5, 6

“Once again God works through a Persian ruler to implement the promised restoration.  The Persian government is even supplying funds for the temple’s construction and the sacrifices to be made in it!  Darius’ decree suggests that he welcomes the goodwill of any god, including this ‘God of heaven.'”

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.