The Writing on the Wall

“On the occasion of a great banquet at which there is excessive drunkenness, praise of lesser gods, and defilement of goblets taken from Solomon’s temple, Belshazzar sees a finger writing something unintelligible on the wall.  When Daniel is called to interpret it, the message is that Belshazzar’s arrogance has cost him his life.  As if to stave off God’s judgment, Belshazzar elevates Daniel to the third-highest position in his government.  But by the end of the night Belshazzar is dead.”

Read:  Daniel 5

The Seventy “Sevens”

“Sometime during the first year of Darius the Mede’s reign, Daniel reads a copy of Jeremiah’s prophecies.  Evidently copies have been circulating among the exiles ever since Baruch penned the last words on the third scroll 20 years earlier.  Daniel is particularly moved by the recitation of Israel’s sins and the 70-year exile which Jeremiah predicted.  Realizing that the prophecy indicates still several years before the promised restoration is to begin, Daniel turns to God in prayer.”

Read:  Daniel 9:1-19

“One of the most intriguing passages of all Scripture follows this account of Daniel’s beautiful prayer of contrition.  As Daniel is in his period of prayer, he is approached by the angel Gabriel, whom he recognizes from earlier visions.  Gabriel brings a message about seventy ‘sevens,’ a message which apparently speaks in response to Daniel’s concern about the restoration.  There is general consensus that each ‘seven’ represents a week of years — that is, seven years.

The first seven ‘sevens’ may well have reference to the time it will take to rebuild the city of Jerusalem.
The second set of ‘sevens’ has apparent reference to the coming of the Messiah.
Some believe the last seven years represents the beginning of the Messiah’s church and the apostolic age.  Others believe it foretells a period during which time God will reestablish Israel as his covenant people prior to the Messiah’s second advent.  What all agree on is the fact that God is working purposely in history on the behalf of his righteous ones.”

Read:  Daniel 9:20-27

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.