“Although there is wide difference of opinion about its date, one of the most outstanding masterpieces in all of literature is possibly written during this period.  The writing is in the form of a historical poem.  It is historical in that it is based upon the life of one of the early patriarchs named Job.  Job’s steadfastness following more adversity than most people will ever face has been legendary.

The first scene of the poem opens with a picture of Job’s enviable prosperity, then turns quickly to a conversation between God and Satan.  When God points to Job as an example of a righteous man, Satan suggests that Job remains righteous only because of his prosperity.  God permits Satan to test this theory by removing Job’s prosperity.  Job’s faith remains intact.  So Satan next suggests that his personal suffering will bring curses against God.  Once again Job disappoints Satan.”

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All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.