Jeremiah’s Prophecies During Siege

“With Nebuchadnezzar;s army just outside the walls, Zedekiah realizes that it is time to consult God.  But the answer from Jeremiah is to surrender or be destroyed.”

Read:  Jeremiah 21, 22:1-9

“Zedekiah chooses not to surrender, and the siege continues,  All but a few of the other fortified cities in Judah have been taken when God sends Jeremiah to Zedekiah with a message about Zedekiah’s personal future.”

Read:  Jeremiah 34:1-7

“Zedekiah is angered and places Jeremiah under house arrest.  it is during his own confinement in the royal palace, and Jerusalem’s confinement as well, that Jeremiah goes to great lengths to reassure the people of Jerusalem that, after the city’s fall and an appropriate time of national penitence, both Jerusalem and all of Israel will be restored.  So that there is no mistake about it, God reveals the good news through Jeremiah not once but twice.”

Read:  Jeremiah 32, 33:1-9

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.