“If the picture of a sword fails to get Judah’s attention, the following allegory certainly ought to.  In all of Scripture there is probably no more graphic an indictment.  Modern readers are almost offended by the candid exposure of two promiscuous sisters, representing Israel and Judah.  One gets at least some idea of the degree to which God himself is offended by his people’s infidelity.”

Read:  Ezekiel 23

“God feels deeply the shame an disgrace that his ‘bride’ has brought him.  Her disrespect for his spiritual leadership, her chasing after material satisfaction, and her many adulteries with lesser gods have left him no choice.  Israel must be put away until she repents.  The time has come.  Even now it begins.”

Siege of Jerusalem

“It is not known exactly when Zedekiah first gets the foolish notion to rebel against Nebuchadnezzar but when he does rebel, Nebuchadnezzar responds in predictable fashion by entering Judah with his powerful Babylonian army and laying siege to its cities, including Jerusalem.”

Read:  2 Kings 24:20, 2 Chronicles 36:13, Jeremiah 52:3-4, 2 Kings 25:1, Jeremiah 39:1

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.