“Sometime after Ezekiel’s visionary trip to Jerusalem, God directs him to enact two signs before his people: one depicts the further exile of those still in Judah,  while the other shows all the anxiety which will accompany the fall.  In explaining the significance of the enactment, Ezekiel brings a prophecy about King Zedekiah’s final fate that, five years later, will come true in minute detail.”

Read:  Ezekiel 12:1-20

“In order to correct two prevalent misunderstandings about the certainty and timing of God’s prophecies, God brings these two messages to Ezekiel.”

Read:  Ezekiel 12:21-28

“God calls Ezekiel to speak out against the false prophets and prophetesses who are deceiving Judah into believing their captivity will soon end with swift victory over Babylonia.”

Read:  Ezekiel 13

“One irony of the people’s continued idolatry is their practice of seeking God’s will from the prophets.  They are fascinated and allured by the various idols they have set up in their hearts, but deep down in those same hearts there is evidently the realization that only a much greater God can provide the real answers to life.  Yet God considers their dual allegiance an affront and orders Ezekiel not to accommodate their curiosity.”

Read:  Ezekiel 14:1-11

“There comes a time when a nation’s sins so completely condemn it that not even a remnant of righteous citizens can stop the destruction inherent in evil.  God uses as his illustration of a righteous remnant a trio of faithful believers: Noah, Job and Daniel.”

Read:  Ezekiel 14:12-23

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.