Daniel the Faithful Captive

“Several captives in Babylon are being singled out for duty in the king’s service.  Among those chosen is a young man by the dame of Daniel, who distinguishes himself by refusing to eat food or drink wine from Nebuchadnezzar’s royal table.  For this act of faith Daniel and three others with him are exceptionally blessed by God.  After three years of special training they enter the king’s service and are found to excel in understanding whenever Nebuchadnezzar inquires of them.”

Read:  Daniel 1

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

“It is apparently not long after he has entered the king’s service that Daniel is elevated to a high position in Nebuchadnezzar’s palace as a result of his identifying and interpreting a dream.  When Daniel learns of the dream, he seizes the occasion as an opportunity to glorify God, and volunteers to tell the king of the dream and its meaning.

Here is the account of this marvelous foretelling of events to take place in centuries to come.”

Read:  Daniel 2

“Nebuchadnezzar is impressed, but he is still not a full believer in the true God.  Nor is he going to relent in his oppression of Daniel’s kinsmen.  Furthermore it does not appear that Daniel’s high position in Babylon enables him to speak forcefully on behalf of his fellow countrymen, because the historical record now reflects further deportations from Judah to Babylonia.”

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.