Jehoiakim Burns Jeremiah’s Scroll

“God now directs Jeremiah to record his words on a scroll, apparently not only to preserve them for ages to come, but also to enable the people of Judah to review all of his messages at one time.  After Jeremiah dictates God’s words to a scribe named Baruch, he directs Baruch to read the scroll aloud in the temple.  When news of this finally reaches King Jehoiakim, he brazenly burns the scroll, piece by piece.  Not surprisingly, this serves only to bring a special judgment against Jehoiakim and his descendants.”

Read:  Jeremiah 36:1-4

“The writing of the scroll has been no easy task.  Now that it is finally complete, Baruch expresses his weariness to Jeremiah, and Jeremiah responds with a message from God — a message which Jeremiah could just as profitably have directed to himself.”

Read:  Jeremiah 45:1-5

“If encouraged now by God’s assurances, how discouraged Baruch will be when he learns that he must do it all over again!”

Read:  Jeremiah 36:5-32

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.