First Deportation from Judah

“In one of the greatest battles of the ancient world, Nebuchadnezzar II, who has just succeeded his father, soundly defeats the Egyptians under Pharaoh Necho, just as Jeremiah has prophesied.  So Judah is left in its most vulnerable position ever, and as expected, Nebuchadnezzar seizes the opportunity to make Judah a tributary.  Many people of Judah, including a young man by the name of Daniel, are now taken captive to Babylon along with confiscated temple articles.

Noteworthy in the historical record is a brief reference to the fact that Egypt is unable to help Judah in its time of crisis, just as the prophets had foretold.”

Read:  2 Kings 24:1 & 7, 2 Chronicles 36:6-7

Jeremiah Tells Length of Captivity

“With the first captives already taken away to Babylonia, God sends word to Jeremiah to tell the people exactly how long the period of captivity will last and to let them know that this first strike by Babylonia is by no means the last.  Yet God reminds Judah that their oppressors will not escape their own punishment at the end of Judah’s captivity.  The cup of God’s wrath will be poured out against all wicked nations.”

Read:  Jeremiah 25

“To illustrate further the cause of his wrath, God calls attention to the clan of Rekabites, who for generations have obeyed their forefather’s command to live an ascetic and nomadic life.  The point is this: If there are those who will remain faithful for generations to a man’s commands, then there ought to be more people obeying the commands of God, their very Creator.”

Read:  Jeremiah 35

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.