Assyria Falls and Babylonia Emerges

“Already the prophecies about the nations are coming true.  There is foreign unrest everywhere.  Just as Jeremiah was beginning his ministry, Nabopolassar rebelled against Assyria and established the Babylonian Empire.  Now the time has come for the prophecies regarding Nineveh’s fall to be fulfilled. 

The incidental result for Judah is loss of its good king Josiah.  Here now is the record of Josiah’s untimely death and of the brief reign of his son Jehoahaz before being replaced by his brother Eliakim, whom the pharaoh Necho calls Jehoiakim.”

Read:  2 Kings 23:29-37, 2 Chronicles 35:20-25, 2 Chronicles 36:1-5, Jeremiah 22:10-17

Jeremiah Faces Charges

“Now that Josiah’s good influence is gone and his sons have once again let Judah become corrupt, Jeremiah is in more jeopardy than he might otherwise have been.  He is reminded of this by a confrontation in which he barely escapes with his life.”

Read:  Jeremiah 26

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.