“God’s response is that the nation is condemned for its corporate sins.  Judgment against the nation of Judah has been accruing for many years, particularly since Manasseh reintroduced idolatry.  Moreover, God knows that many people who have sincerely turned to him for a time will later backslide and turn away.  God’s compassion at this time in history is cautious.

Because of this, Jeremiah finds it necessary not only to rebuke the wicked but also to tell believers that even their prayers may not be answered positively.  Jeremiah is obviously exasperated by the weight of it all.”

Read:  Jeremiah 15:10-21

“At the very time he is most discouraged, Jeremiah is instructed that more sacrifice is in store.  He is not to marry, attend funerals, or join in festive celebrations.”

Read:  Jeremiah 16

“To Jeremiah’s credit, he rises to the 0occasion and subordinates his personal feelings.  Of course, Jeremiah’s persevering character was known to God, and that may be why God called him to this demanding ministry.  So it is that Jeremiah resumes his ministry and brings God’s message to his people.”

Read:  Jeremiah 17:1-11

“How often Jeremiah longs for his mission to conclude!  The cynics and scoffers mock him by asking when all this wrath is going to happen.  It is probably such taunting that prompts the following prayer form Jeremiah.”

Read:  Jeremiah 17:12-18

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.