Judah After Israel’s Fall  (Ca. 725-585 B.C.)

Isaiah Warns About Egypt and Ethiopia

“With Assyria threatening conquest, Judah begins to look for help wherever it can be found.  Some are urging an alliance with Egypt, who’s military strength lies in its many horses and chariots.  Isaiah is displeased with the thought that God’s people also wish to rely on horses and chariots, instead of on God’s unlimited power.  Therefore Isaiah speaks out in judgment against Egypt and Cush.  Not only does Isaiah preach his warnings, but at God’s direction Isaiah actually goes about ‘stripped’ for three years.  (It may be that Isaiah is only stripped of his outer garments, but even that must surely be an affront to his dignity.)”

Read: Isaiah 18:1-7, 19, 20:1-6, 30, 31:1-9

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.