“When Hosea’s wife, Gomer, consorts with other lovers, she only typifies Israel’s unfaithfulness in playing the harlot with other gods.  And yet, as always, God speaks a message of hope through Hosea.  Just as Hosea redeems Gomer from literal slavery, God stands ready to redeem his people from sin.  And yet this time God will not renew his love so easily as he has in the past.  This time Israel will know real suffering and discipline before being restored to God’s love and favor.”

Read: Hosea 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14

“Despite the warnings of Hosea, the people remain entrenched in idolatry.  The focus now turns to Judah, which, though affected less than Israel, has problems of its own.”

Read: 2 Kings 14:17-22, 2 Chronicles 25:25-28, 2 Kings 15:1-4, 2 Chronicles 26:1-15

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.