Songs of Solomon

“In addition to the proverbs which he authored and inspired, Solomon also wrote the lyrics of over a thousand songs.  Yet unlike the many recorded psalms of David, only two, or perhaps three, of Solomon’s psalms are preserved.  One (Psalm 72) refers to a visit by the Queen of Sheba and the second (Psalm 127) does not fit easily into any single historical context and is therefore presented here as a further example of Solomon’s lyrical work.”

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“Another special collection of lyrics is known in most English versions as the ‘Song of Solomon’ and in the Greek as the ‘Song of Songs.’  The title ‘Song of Songs’ would suggest acceptance of the song as the most beautiful of all the songs or psalms.  Unlike most of the preceding literature, the ‘Song of Songs’ deals more with love than with wisdom, prayer, or praise.”

The song reflects the feelings of a lover and his beloved — that is, a bridegroom and his bride.  Despite language which is unusually graphic and sensual in description, there is no hint of improper lust.

On its face, the Song of Songs is a beautiful and striking statement about human love.  It suggests that all life, including human sexuality, is holy because God has created it. 

Many have seen in its celebration an allegory representing the love relationship between God and man.  For many Jews it presents God as the lover and the nation of Israel as the beloved.  With the coming of the Messiah, it will be seen by many as an allegory of Christ and his church.  Whatever else its purpose may serve, the Song of Songs expresses unrestricted joy in a relationship of love.”

The Song of Songs

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All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.