Not my favorite job.

Second to pulling.

At a dental office, pulling charts for the next day’s schedules is daunting.  Boring.  Terribly repetitive and mindless work.  But it must be done.

Yesterday as I slowly worked my way around the chart room, one of the patient coordinators interrupted me.  They were quite busy at the front desk and, really, unable to leave their computers for too long so she asked me to pull a chart for her.

I had just put down the pile I had been carrying and was at a good stopping place so it was a welcome distraction.

She gave me the name which, for the sake of HIPAA rules, was ‘Barney Rubble’.  I was in the vicinity of his chart, so I found the it, handed it to her without a pause and headed back to my pull list.

When I glanced at the next name on my list of charts to pull, I couldn’t believe what it read…


Exactly the chart I had just given away…it made me laugh.

‘He will yet fill your mouth with laughter And your lips with shouting.”   Job 8:21

God always wants to make Himself known to us.

And so often it’s not in larger than life, grandiose, miraculous acts… but so subtle that we don’t even notice.

Sometimes He just wants to remind us that He’s there.

But it’s when we keep our hearts and minds centered on Him…that He reveals Himself to us, even in a chart room.