Two Major Calamities

“A famine befalls Israel as a consequence of the late King Saul’s attempt to exterminate the Gibeonites — a violation of the agreement of protection made years earlier by Joshua and the nation of Israel.  The incident teaches something about the relationship between moral and physical evil and also the significance in God’s eyes of sins long forgotten by man.

The second is death-causing pestilence brought on by David’s decision (somehow incited by Satan) to number his army.  With the nation of Israel basically secure at this point, David’s motive for ordering such a count could perhaps be seen as selfish ambition for aggressive expansionism.  Even now, David’s redeeming quality is his genuine sorrow for his sins and his willingness to confess them.  It should also be noted that David has forgiven Saul and the many others who have wronged him in the same way that God forgives David.”

Read: 2 Samuel 21:1-14, 2 Samuel 24/1 Chronicles 21

Preparations for Building the Temple

“David now makes preparation for the building of a permanent temple.  The site he chooses, a simple threshing floor, is not a surprising one in view of his most recent experience.  It must grieve David to realize that he himself will not erect this magnificent edifice of worship.  Yet he cannot help but play some part in its inception, and thus he begins to organize the project.”

Read: 1 Chronicles 22, Psalm 30

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.