“Saul is well aware of David’s growing popularity as somewhat of a folk hero, and this causes resentment and jealousy in Saul.  The repeated incidents of rage which arise out of his insecurity reveal still another defect in character in addition to his previous disobedience to God’s commands.

In sharp contrast, David is seen repeatedly as a gentle, forgiving servant of his king.  Instead of retaliating for undeserved threats, David responds with mercy and avoidance.

David reveals himself as a deeply sensitive and expressive man of God.  In times of trouble David rises above his inner fears and feelings of helplessness to express himself through poetic songs, known as psalms.  Virtually every important encounter he faces becomes memorialized in his petitions to God.

Woven throughout the story of Saul’s pursuit of David is the close friendship enjoyed by David and Jonathan.  It is a touching relief from the animosity of Saul, yet it comes to a tragic end.”

Read:  1 Samuel 18, 19:1-18, Psalm 59, 1 Samuel 19:19-24, 20, 21:1-6

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.