Read: 1 Samuel chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The Daily Bible doesn’t give commentary on today’s reading and you want to know what I think.  Well, thanks for asking!!

I love the story of Hannah.  It is remarkable.  I want to use Hannah in my I Spy book.  Hannah approached God in a desperate prayer.  She did what so many of us do…

“Hey God, if you just do this one thing for me….I promise I’ll stop doing this… or start doing this.”

She tried to strike a bargain.

le'ts make a deal

You’ve done it, all of us have.  But what was different about Hannah?  Why does she get what she wanted?

She didn’t.  What she truly wanted was a son and yes, she did get one.  But she bartered.  She prayed the desperate prayer… if God would just give her a son, she would give him back.  If any of you have had a child, you know how difficult that had to have been.

Don’t think for one second that she didn’t regret that promise.  Hannah only had Samuel for a few years of his life!  But she promised… God delivered and she kept her side of it.

And then there’s Samuel; the promise.  What a great kid!  His mom decided, before he was even conceived, what he would do with his life and the remarkable thing about Samuel is that he didn’t fight his path as most of us would have.  Talk about the ‘unfair’ cards dealt!  He didn’t have a choice, but he still obeyed…

And how about when God called him?  Samuel didn’t know who was calling.  Boy, doesn’t that sound familiar?!!  God was literally saying his name and he didn’t get it…

shephereds voice

But Samuel knew the path he was to take, was told where to go and he went.


If only we could be a little more like Samuel.  To say “Here I am” instead of “What’s in it for me?”

Samuel obeyed and God blessed.