Joshua’s Farewell Addresses

“Joshua turns his thoughts to the ongoing need for Israel’s spiritual commitment to God.  In a manner reminiscent of Moses, Joshua addresses his people on three separate occasions.  The first is a farewell to the soldiers of the eastern tribes.  Great concern arises when the rest of Israel learns that the eastern tribes have built an altar on their way back across the Jordan, but all ends well when it is learned that no rebellion was intended, as some had feared.

Joshua’s second address, to the western tribes, is a review of God’s blessings and a stern warning against involvement with pagan people and their idolatry.

The last address calls the people to renew their covenant with God, as each generation must do for itself.  The people vow to be faithful, but Joshua knows that it is easier said than done.”

Read Joshua chapters 22, 23 and Joshua 24:1-28

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.