VII. General Welfare Laws

“One feature of the Laws of Moses which sets them apart from the laws of nontheocratic nations is the attention given to protection of the weak, the poor, and the stranger.  In addition, there are various specific laws calling for acts of benevolence, special respect for particular persons, and care for human and animal life.”

A. Requirements for Benevolence

EXCESS CROPS FOR POOR   Leviticus 19:9,10; 23:22

EXCESS CROPS FOR OTHERS   Deuteronomy 24:19-22

LIMITATION ON RECIPIENT   Deuteronomy 23:24,25

MAINTAINING THE POOR   Leviticus 25:35-38

B. Duties of Respect and Support
1. Parents

“At the heart of any society is the family, and at the heart of the family is the parent-child relationship.  In order to insure both financial support and proper attitudes in this important family responsibility, children are commanded to honor their parents.”


RESPECT FOR PARENTS   Leviticus 19:3a

REBELLIOUS SON   Deuteronomy 21:18-21

2. Elderly

RESPECT FOR AGED   Leviticus 19:32

3. Widows and Orphans

CARE FOR SURVIVORS   Exodus 22:22-24

4. Strangers

CONCERN FOR FOREIGNERS   Exodus 22:21; 23:9/Leviticus 19:33,34


5. Deaf and Blind


6. Neighbors

SLANDER PROHIBITED   Leviticus 19:16

SECOND LAW OF LOVE   Leviticus 19:17,18

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE   Exodus 23:4,5/Deuteronomy 22:1-4

“To insure respect for all that belongs to one’s neighbor, the last of the Ten Commandments prohibits even the kind of attitude which would lead to any wrongful acquisition from a neighbor.”

COVETING PROHIBITED   Deuteronomy 5:21

C. Treatment of Animals

PROPER FEEDING   Deuteronomy 25:4

RESPECT FOR BIRDS   Deuteronomy 22:6,7

VIII. Rules of Warfare
A. Preparation for Battles

PRIEST TO GIVE COURAGE   Deuteronomy 20:1-4

SELECTING THE SINGLE-MINDED   Deuteronomy   20:5-9

B. Rules of Siege

DISTANT CITIES   Deuteronomy 20:10-15

CANAANITE CITIES   Deuteronomy 20:16-18

TREES TO BE SPARED   Deuteronomy 20:19,20

C. Camp Regulations

PURITY IN CAMP   Deuteronomy 23:9

NOCTURNAL UNCLEANNESS   Deuteronomy 23:10,11

SANITARY REGULATIONS   Deuteronomy 23:12-14

D. Soldiers and Marriage

(EXEMPTION FROM SERVICE)   (Deuteronomy 24:5)

(MARRYING CAPTIVES)   (Deuteronomy 21:10-14)

All quotations taken from The Daily Bible.